The StockRose Story

Health misinformation is a poison.

StockRose Creative was founded to be a powerful antidote. 

How can we consistently produce health content that helps health brands like yours permeate the nonsense and inspire positive health change within communities that need it most? That’s our guiding question here at StockRose. 

To achieve this goal, we’ve packaged the best of both worlds—clinical and creative—into health content writing.

When you partner with us, you’re enlisting the expertise of licensed healthcare providers with 15+ years of experience in the health communications and digital healthcare marketing trenches. 

We’re proud to be a formidable weapon against health misinformation online.

Using our most powerful health content and copy tools, we help you:

Hey there! I'm Megan.

I help digital health and health tech companies develop culturally-relevant content strategies, and produce accurate, educational, engaging health content.

For the longest, my “dream job” was to become a CDC public health pharmacist. And wouldn’t you know, I actually accomplished that goal—on three separate occasions. But as I continued to use my writing skills to support medication safety, antibiotic stewardship, and emergency preparedness and response, I realized something was missing. 

I wanted—no, needed—the freedom to apply a creative flair to my health writing career. That’s when I set out on my own to build a health content marketing company—StockRose Creative, LLC.

It’s been an honor and privilege to support the missions of health brands across the globe. Let’s make your health company next!