Medical writing is less about words...

…and more about stories.

Unfortunately, as HCPs, we don’t get enough time to focus on patient education. But we do have the opportunity to educate patients on a broad scale through medical and health writing, using stories to convey important health information in an engaging, memorable way.

This April, join us for a 2-day Weekend Medical Writer Workshop, focused on Creative Storytelling in Healthcare.

While this workshop is intended for HCPs interested in building upon their written communication skills — particularly as medical or health writers — the principles we’ll practice will benefit clinical HCPs in any setting.

What You’ll Get from the Weekend Medical Writer Workshop

The 2-Day Weekend Writer Workshop is ideal for clinical HCPs with interest in public health, health education, or medical & health writing. Clinical HCP students are also eligible to attend at a student rate.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish over our 2-day session. If any of these excite you, you’ll be a wonderful addition to our space:

  • Learn and practice the basic principles of evidence-aware-yet-empathetic (E.Y.E.) storytelling, plain language, and compassionate communication 
  • Learn concrete communication strategies for building trust with patients and fighting health misinformation in any clinical setting
  • Experience the fun of melding your clinical brain and your creative mind
  • Dip your toe in the medical writing waters and find out whether health content writing is for you

We’ll be together from 10am through 1pm EST both days. Recordings will be available if you aren’t able to attend live.


Email from your college or university account to inquire about the student rate.

Why I Offer the Weekend Medical Writer Workshop

If we haven’t had the pleasure of crossing paths, I’m Megan, a public health pharmacist turned health content strategist and health communications professional of 15 years.

Since 2009, I’ve been building and honing my expertise in various forms of health and medical writing, from drug information, to regulatory writing, to patient-focused health content writing.

And since 2021, I’ve taught 55+ clinical HCPs (e.g., PharmDs, DDSs, MDs) how to leverage their clinical expertise as freelance health content writers.

My professional mission of fighting health misinformation inspires this work.

And I believe that empowering HCPs to be the best, most empathetic and effective communicators & patient educators possible is the key to achieving this mission.

Hope to see you in April!