let's play a quick game of "would you rather."

Would you rather…

Have a brilliant health care provider on your team who’s super knowledgeable about your industry but can’t write to save their lives?


Have a writer on your team who’s pretty solid with words but knows very little about health care at-large and requires lots of time to get up to speed?

As a public health pharmacist turned health content strategist, I was able to successfully launch and grow my company StockRose Creative because, frankly…

…both of those options suck.

digital health and health tech marketing execs were tired of having to choose between two less-than-ideal options.

Whether for B2C or B2B (or B2B2C) brands, innovative health companies need marketing support that is both well-informed about health care, and also well-equipped to create content that is not only accurate but engaging in order to support lead gen efforts.

The blend of clinical experience and health content writing ability creates a win-win situation.

more health professionals should be health communicators.

In early 2021, I embarked upon a mission to help more health professionals become health communicators.

Through the Health Professionals to Health Writers Accelerator, I teach US-based health care providers how to leverage their clinical expertise to become freelance health content writers, supporting companies like yours. 


Students learn the essentials of health content marketing, create portfolios to demonstrate their health content writing expertise, and begin supporting companies’ content needs immediately upon graduation.

As a courtesy to the most promising students and my network of healthcare marketing professionals, I offer complimentary—yet selective—matchmaking between health companies and health content writers.

Hi Megan, I just gave your name to someone looking for healthcare writers. I told her that even if you don’t have bandwidth, you give great referrals 🙂 T and S have both been great. 

– A marketing lead at a Rock Health portfolio company

Since 2021, the health professionals to health writers accelerator has resulted in: